R Com 20 incubator

stoneunhengedFebruary 9, 2007

Has anyone bought one of these incubators?

I've hatched eggs for 30 years, beginning with the old wafer thermostat incubators and more recently some of the more high-end electronic incubators (Brinsea octagon, AB, etc.) But, nothing compares to the R Com 20 incubator for accuracy and ease of operation.

You simply key in the desired temperature and humidity, and it maintains them with remarkable accuracy. The thermostat holds the temperature within 1/10 of a degree F. The humidifier is also digital and automatic. It constantly regulates the humidity. It even flashes an idiot light when you need to add water (not distilled water, either.)

My sole complaint is that it only holds 20 chicken eggs. A larger capacity model would be nice. They also make a more expensive model that can be programmed and monitored directly from your computer. Amazing.

Anyway, I've bought three R Coms and can highly recommend them. Its simple, elegant and effective design makes all others look like Rube Goldberg machines. No more twiddling with thermostats knobs, no more crude attempts to regulate humidity. This is an incubator chickens would envy.

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They sound great! Although a bit pricy.

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Pricey, true. But worth it, especially if you hatch expensive eggs. (I had a guy quote me $110.00 for a dozen black copper maran eggs yesterday.) Look on it as a long-term plan for not killing valuable chicks.

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stoneunhenged. Is it a pro model or an ordinary?

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