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robinstOctober 21, 2010

I posted on the home remodel site but think my post may have been better suited for landscaping. What do you think of our landscaping so far?

- I am thinking about moving the tri color beech in the front of the two windows over to the right.

- I also plan on adding a stone edge to the front bed and add some more small shrubs.

- I would like to join the three spruce trees in the front (last picture) with a mulch flower bed and add two to three purple sandcherry in front.

- We also are planting a blue spruce and some barberry bushes to the left of the garage - we have already removed the cedar in the picture.

- I may add a japanese maple to the front left side but am not sure exactly where I will place it. Ultimately, I would like to remove the crabapple but will probably not get to it for a few years.

- I also plan to add some garden to the other side of the front walk way (towards the road and along the driveway), but again think that is a couple of years out.

I would love to here some thoughts!

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I like the beech is fine where it is. You have to be careful with trees obstructing the view from windows or shading them so your room is always dark. Picture the tree at full maturity and then see if you want to move it. I like your landscaping near the house, but you do need something to add height and color there. With only evergreens it looks rather bland from the street.

You might want to lay out a bed of perennials and shrubs in the lawn to break up that big expanse of green grass. Perhaps incorporate that beech on one end and have it go in a kidney shape--or oval. Take your hose and lay it where you think you'd like it and then stand back and visualize what it would look like.

Beautiful house!!

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robin, are you still around? I'd like to ask you a question about your kitchen seen on Finished Kitchens blog.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

How about the purple shrub that seems to be growing miraculously from the middle of one of those room-sized chunks of stone? Apparently without roots....

Or the flowering tree that by its shape is obviously fairly young -- yet is taller than the mature evergreens in front of it? I suspect design/shares/ideas simply stuck its top on a different trunk -- particularly in view of the suspiciously-sudden narrowing of said trunk where it meets the foliage. [The base of the trunk looks as if it was originally a double trunk: might be weak....]

Setting aside the perspective problems, none of this exactly inspires confidence in ideas/shares/design's knowledge of horticulture: cuts off a shrub's roots and expects to use it atop stone in a landscape; can't tell a young tree from a mature one.

Hm ... here's a thought: I wonder if we're meant to think the several evergreens on the left are not mature 40-footers but giant bonsai, maybe in the 6-8' range? What happens to bonsai when they're suddenly planted in lawn?

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