Need Help! Heating Issue

nelda1234February 28, 2009

Hey everybody, Just went out about an hour ago to check on peeps that are in their own mini cooper (with-in the big coop) and their cooper was only registering below 60 deg. Went and bought another Bulb (red) and now it is registering a little over 60--I insulated their cooper yesterday--it got down to 17 last night and currently it is 26 degrees outside--the big coop is insulated. Peeps will be 4 weeks old on Monday. Should I be concerned? It was not this cold in years past.

Thanks in advance,


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How old are they again? How many?

The temp should be gradually lowered for day olds. If in doubt I would bring them in the house.

If you have no other option, you *could* try giving them something amall & plastic with bedding to snuggle up together in, I don't think I'd take that chance though if they haven't been being aclimated to lower temps near or about 60. Then also you run the risk of them somothering the ones on the bottom.

Bring them in if you can, or supply a better heat source without risk of fire.

Sorry if I'm not making sense, I'm beyond tired.

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Yup made since you said something small--heating pad on low with towels---My house is only set on 68 --took it out and set it up they are happy babies now! I will check on them in about a couple hours--it was the only thing I could think of if them seem uncomfortable then I will bring them in for a couple days---GO TO BED--YOU HAVE EARNED IT!

thanks thanks!

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Your peeps have such a good mama!

Those heating pads are indispensible. I have used mine for all kind of things over the years. Now its under the chicken waterer.

I WANT PEEPS! But it was -2F here last night. No way I can have peeps right now :-(
I can't wait for spring!

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I'm assuming those little ones made it ok? Duh I can't beleive I asked how old they were, you said 4 weeks!

We're bringing momma & 2 kids inside tonight with the storm ourselves. We normally don't, but our pyr pup in training is in her teenage years & rather than take a chance on her driving one out of the shelter & getting wet & cold, we're playing it safe.

Geez this weather, yesterday & Friday were beautiful days, snowstorm tonight & into Monday is expected. It's like they say here in New England, turn your head & the weather changes!

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Hi Brendasue-yes they made it just fine-the weather here has been obnoxious lately, sunny and almost 60 and then the next day down to 17 and snow flurries--here they say if you don't like Indiana weather wait it will change!!:). We have another night coming up when it will be down to 11 degrees---I am thinking on that one! May have to bring them in. At this stage of the game I can not afford to lose them.


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