Anybody Near Me That Would like To Split Chicken Order??

bulldinkie(pa)February 14, 2009

I emailed Murray to see if i could just get 8 jersey giants.They said nooo 25.I cannot have 25 of these I want some so bad.Im on dialysis right now cant take on 25.I live near Gettysburg pa

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Hi bulldinkie I am sorry to hear that you are on dialysis right now - You might want to look at My Pet Chicken--they will let you order as little as three and will ship that way. Just e-mail them and they will respond and put you on a pre-order waiting list - they will then call/e-mail you when they start the hatching process-they do not start until 1st week of March I do believe. You would have more time to get better and prepare for your new peeps.


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Thank you so much Nelda,see about 10 yuears ago
I wanted these chickens but some people on here recommended another chicken,
i didnt like them and always wanted jersey giants."I was so afraid i wasnt gonna get the ones I wanted again.Thank you so much

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Hi bulldinkie-I would have responded earlier but my computer has been down all night--just got it barely working and my e-mail in down completely-The jersey giants are beautiful. If you will read the thread on baby chick dieing that I posted you will understand why you might want to wait and try Mcmurray another day. Have a good day!


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