Quail laying eggs with no shells

EleyanFebruary 20, 2012

My first Quail (fem) started laying good eggs 2 weeks after arriving. Approx a month after that she started laying 2 eggs every 2nd time. The first double egg lay occurred the day a second quail was housed with her. Every third time, she would lay a larger single egg.

2 weeks ago, she lay a normal egg, then one with no shell. Today she lay two eggs with no shells. The second quail, is not yet laying as far as I can see. But I have separated them for a day or two to check this. There has been no attempt to eat the no shell eggs. I use chick feed from a pet shop near work.

I have Zebra finches which are nesting right now as well, and I feed them special egg/calcium powder mixed with water as well as crushed eggshells which they love. Any ideas, re: diet for the Quails?

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I would feed them a quail/wild bird feed with added calcium. For chickens, we would feed crushed clamshells. You might need to crush them a bit more for quail though, or feed them crushed tums.


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You can buy bags of grit etc at the feed store,speial egg layer food

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

Smash up eggshells for them, they will only eat as much as they need. Make sure it is pretty small, but not powder. Or powder it and mix in some cooked oatmeal. That is a treat they should love.


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