Help ASAP: I need help on hatching eggs!!

BaabyBoo1998February 17, 2012

Okay, so I'm hatching chicken eggs. It's already day 21, and I have not seen any signs or pipping, or heard any peeping coming from my eggs. They are fertile, and I candled them on day 18 to make sure they grew properly, and are alive-- wich they are. I REALLY need help and advice, because I do not want to kill my chicks ): I think that they have moved because when I came back from school, the eggs were in different spots. I am using a mini chick-bator from stomberg's chicks &' gamebird's website, which is:

I only have two eggs left because one was infertile. This is my second time incubating chicks, but the other time, all of them died ): and I really need help.

Thank You .

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I'm sorry if this message is too late, but, if this is the mini-dome type incubator, I have never had good luck with them. They are too hard to keep the humidity inside, and humidity is crucial to hatching. Everytime you go in to rotate the eggs....there goes the moisture you need and temperature fluctuations too.

I know it seems like a good deal for the price, but I upgraded to a styrofoam type incubator with a fan and automatic turner. It pays for itself with a better hatch.


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