sweet potato slips: can't plant yet, put into potting soil?

elisa_z5May 10, 2014

So my sweet potato slips arrived, and I can't plant them for another couple of weeks. I've re-wet the moss that is around the roots (and covered with waxed paper).

But would it be better to just plant them in pots so that they'll be sure to survive the weeks before my last frost date?

And if not, if it's best to just keep re-wetting the moss around the roots, should I keep them in the fridge?

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Yes, put them in potting soil. I do that every year. It actually works better for me than planting them directly in the ground, especially if the ground is cool. I let my slips grow in pots for a couple of weeks and then transplant them into the ground like any other vegetable.

Never, ever put sweet potato slips in the fridge. It will kill them.

For best rooting success, plant the slips into moist potting soil on a heat mat and cover with a grow dome or plastic tent. Keep in a bright area out of direct sunshine and they will root in 3 days. The roots will colonize a 4" pot within 7 to 10 days. Take off the dome and turn off the mat as soon as they root, but don't let it get below 70 degrees.

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Thanks Slimy! I'll go put them into pots immediately.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

If the slips are not well rooted, I would put them in water for a few days.

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Hmmm. . they're in pots now. A few small roots.
Watered well last night -- will hope for the best.

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Sweet potatoes grow great in containers (See video link for growing tips)


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing and Harvesting Sweet Potatoes in Containers

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