Recommendations for Landscape Architect in the DC-Maryland area?

billy_g(6B)November 1, 2011

Can anyone recommend a good landscape architect in the DC - Maryland area? Preferably I am looking for someone not affiliated with a landscaping company as I already have one of those... but it's not an absolute.

I asked in another thread but I think my question was buried.



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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

Oehme Van Sweden comes immediately to mind.

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wow. good recommendation - how many of their books do I own?

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Van Sweden's work is gorgeous! Wow... but I doubt we can afford them at this point, especially since a lot of the work that would have been profitable for them is already done.

If possible I would like to find an experienced LA who may have left a big firm and is out on their own.


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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

I think it would be worth a call to see what OvS office charges for a residential planting plan. I can't image that they are that much more expensive than any other highly qualified designer who bills out in the $ 125 - 175 per hour range.
All the firms ( small and large) are pretty competitive these days.

I briefly perused your first post and thought you were looking for a planting plan only. If I'm mistaken, my apologies.

If OvS is not a good fit for you then try looking at the ASLA website. American Society of Landscape Architects.

Another option is a well respected landscape designer in your area. There is an association called APLD, Assc. of Profession Landscape Designers, but from my N. California experience of the local association , a fair portion of their members are new to the landscape industry ( 10 years or less)

To be perfectly blunt, it takes many years of experience to really get a grasp on this field. That is why when you see designers highlighted in magazines and books they have usually put in a good 20 - 25 years of working experience.
Even without a trained eye, one can usually tell the difference.

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I may be able to refer you to someone. If you want, shoot me an email with the scope of work and your zip code, zepptours [a t] gmail

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