any nigerian dwarf kids for sale?

farmgirl01March 24, 2009

Anyone in zone 8 or Louisiana with nigerian dwarf goats or pygmy goats for sale. I have a male and would like a female.

Let me know

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dannyboquet(z9 So Louisiana)

Send me an email. We have 9 females (no males) and want to get down to 4. The youngest are one year old. They are purebred, but not registered (or registerable - long story of ignorance on our part). They are Nigerian Dwarfs. We live in Houma.

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hey thanks for the info. I will send you and email
Let me know if you don't get it. I'm going to send it now.


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We also have a few does if you want to check us out also we are located in Colfax La above Alexandria. They are Reg with AGS & NDGA. And have kidded at least once. We have 38 and still counting lol
Danny Boquet I see in your post your from Houma we used to live there too all our family are from that area. When I go down to my moms house on Southdown Mandalay in Bayou Black I see goats out along that way is that where you're located? I just love these little goats. Do you milk yours? We have a couple of them we are milking right now and I just love it.

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dannyboquet(z9 So Louisiana)

ttamberine, we live about 2 miles from Southdown Mandalay Road. We live around the intersection of Savanne and Hwy 311. We have kidded several times. The babies are a joy. We went from 3 to 20 in a hurry. We bought 2 registered females and an unregistered male. We should have gotten all certificates at the sale. The lady we bought them from said we could register him later if we wanted. Later when we sold some, we told the people we sold them to we could get them registered. Well, one person wanted to register hers so their child could show it at 4H. The lady we bought them from never could get us a certificate for the male. Now we know not to say they are registerable. We sold all the boys off so that we could take a break. It is almost impossible to keep them separated. We wanted to milk them until we found out you had to milk twice a day, every day, including Sundays, holidays, vacation days, etc. We will get another male after the children graduate from high school (3 more years). They are involved in too many things for us to do justice to the goats. We love having the goats around. They are friendly and sweet.

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Oh shucks so sorry to here that about the registration. When I had first started the ones I had bought were only NDGA reg and I wanted to start showing mine and thought I could register them with AGS. Wrong you can't. Thanks goodness I only had a male and female. So gave them to my sister-in-law who only wanted pets and started looking for dual registered animals.
I don't milk twice a day. I let the dam feed her kids and I seperate the dam from the kids at night and just milk in the mornings. The kids get the rest of the milk thru out the day. Now come weaning time then I probably would have to milk twice a day or if you stagger your breedings when it comes time to ween the kids having that other doe kid around that time you could dry off the other doe and have the one that just kidded to milk. And when I need to go down to Houma (all my kids still live there too) I just leave them on their dam (not seperating them at night) When I get back home back to my regular routine of putting the kids up for the night. It works for me.

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