Security measures for crop and livestock?

canuckistani(5b)March 5, 2009

Just curious what people do to keep their crops and livestock safe from predators and potential theft.

Anyone willing to share?

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I don't do anything right now, but am hoping for a Livestock Guardian Dog soon (Great Pyranees, if possible)

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I have a lock on my chicken coop. Nothing to protect my goats except a nosey neighbor.

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My chickens are locked up in a fortress at night. I would like to protect my crops and apple tree from the racoons. That's one thing the big dog is for.

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We have 19 dogs. I call them the 19 dog burglur alarm. Mostly beagles. My dog pen is at front of our property after you come thru the gate. We keep the gate locked, although we let the power company loop their lock thru ours so they can read the meter.

My dog pen has 5 dogs in it. They include 3 beagles that were bottle fed and never allowed to hunt, 1 retired hunting beagle and one dog I rescued. Every time somebody comes to our house they always say "nobody's going to sneak up on ya'll.

Directly in front of the house in another dog pen is my nighttime dog (Aussie Shep/Border collie mix), 1 giant rescued dog and a beagle that was rehabed from being paralyzed.

Immediately thru the pasture gate is a chicken run and next to it are 2 separate dog pens. Each pen contains 1 rescued dog and a fat retired beagle buddy.

Last but not least, at the back of the pasture, but still not too far from the house is the hunting beagle pack with 3 pens that have 7 beagles divided in the pens.

But you get the point. We have so many dogs scattered throughout the property, and all areas of the yard and house is visible to them. If one set of dogs see's something, they have an obvious something is wrong bark. That alerts the other dogs and the chorus begins.

PLUS, my next door neighbors work out of their property and watch over our property too. The Dad, is constantly in the road and makes everything on the road his business.

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I keep a lock on all the gates to that go in and out of my pastures. I had two donkeys that keep coyotes and dogs away from the goats and I am sure they stay away from the chicken coop because of the donkeys too.

My chicken coop is a fortress but I take nothing for granted. Raccoons are clever and so are mink and weasels. I lock them up tight at night. They have a large yard to free range in but it's fences so they cant' go too far into the woods plus I have the donkeys' out grazing with them.

My donkeys are worth their weight in gold when it comes to protecting my herd. I have seen them both viciously attack a coyote and a dog that wonders into their space. The coyote is smart enough to take off but the dogs managed to get laid over and rolled before they figure out they should leave!

A friend that is a large sheep farmer swears by his Llamas as guardians while another sheep farmer I know uses Great Pyrenees.

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jonas302(central mn 4)

A dog and a shotgun
locks really tick me off they are more hassle for me than the person that cuts them off
I havn't seen the key to my house for probly 10 years

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

A shotgun is mandatory! Locks annoy me too jonas but I have a snowmobile trail that I allow through my property and I fear that some fool will want to stop and let my animals out so the lock makes me feel better.

Interestingly enough, I have never locked my home in the 33 years I have lived here. When we bought this last place 10 years ago there were no keys to exchange at the closing!

I like life this way.

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We use a Maremma and shotgun. But, the chickens have to be fence in from the dog. Tom

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