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lyviaNovember 13, 2010

Hi. My side yard plan has way too many materials! help!

We are building an addition that eats into a hillside, and planning the hard scape around it to control water and dogs. The side of the house is 1. peach colored brick with 2. white siding, and will have some 3. stone-look filler areas where sliding glass doors will be removed.

Then we are building against the house 4. pergola, which may well be white wood, over a 5. patio (cement? flagstone? pavers?) with a 6. seating wall (most likely pavers, likely somewhat retaining function) which will need a 7. Top of wall.

Then there is the 8. perimeter fence, a mere twenty feet away, which is currently wood, but needs to be replaced. Functionally, aluminum would be strong, low maintenance, and control dogs but let water through, but .. so many materials! Should it be green to disappear or white to match?

Besides the perimeter fence, we need a separate length of 9. small dog barrier. Maybe a shorter aluminum fence?

I hope to get a layout scanned and posted later today. Thanks for your input!

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Did I mention the neighbor's fence is a continuation of ours? Theirs is wood. Most of the fences in the neighborhood are wood. I could make the dog barrier out of wood, and then have a wire section where it crosses the dry stream bed.

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