My Duck Abby is sick, but i dont know what she has, HELP!

panthra_leoMarch 15, 2007


I was wondering if anybody onthis board can help me out. I have a pet duck who is less then a year old. up until now she has been pretty healthey. but starting yesterday, she seems to have gotten weak. So weak in fact she didnt do anything when she was attacked by fire ants and until i found her and i removed her from the area. I also had to remove some ants from her eyes. She seems to have difficulty breathing and se even discharged a greenish-brown water from her nostrols. She hasn't eaten or drank much, yet seems to be hungry. She only eats when i give her food through a syringe. At least she still has some stregnth in her, seeing how from time to time she gets up and preens also worried about her eyes as they are swollen and im worried that she may go blind, Apparently the ants only managed to bite her inner eyelid.

I cant take her to a vet because there is no specialist in my area, they only work on dogs and cats. I am very worried because i love her dearly.

Any help from more experinced hands will be appreciated.


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Hi Panthra, I really feel for you, because I know how I have felt in the past when one of my ducks have been sick and I didn't know what to do. What kind of duck is Abby?

It sounds like some kind of infection...has she been around any new ducks lately that might have given her some kind of disease?

I use to have a pekin and she was such a sweet and loving duck. She was sick when she was little and after she grew up she got a bad infection in her leg and it spread all over her body. We even carried her to the vet before it got too bad. We had been giving her tetracycline med. and they told us to continue that, but she passed away one night with her best buddy Troy.

I was heart broken, but there was nothing else we could have done.

I know you said there isn't any vets that see ducks in your area, but maybe you could call one over the phone and talk with them. If you find one and even if it's a few hours away you could still carry her because she's worth it if it will save her little life.

Apple also had gooey stuff coming from her nose and she had yellow gooky stuff running from her eyes; I wiped her eyes and nose out several times each day. She also got to where she was too weak to walk. She would preen herself too, but only as she was sitting down; she couldn't stand up. She use to be a healthy little duck that was very happy that just enjoyed life and being around her duck friends, but all that changed in such a very short time...I miss her so much..

Apple would still eat though..she even had eaten a few hours right before she died... I don't know what to tell you...I hope I haven't scared you with telling you all this about Apple; I'm sure Abby will be alright, maybe you should try to find someone at least who knows about ducks and see if there is any way you could possibly get her to a vet asap. I'd hate to hear something bad happened to her. You really seem like you love her a lot like I love my ducks.. Is Abby your only duck, or do you have more??

I'm sure somebody else will see this post and reply back to you soon.....

GoodLuck with Abby!


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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

I don't know much about ducks, but I have geese. I know geese need to be able to totally submerge their heads in water to clear their nostrils and keep their eyes clean. I suggest you make sure Abby has a nice deep container of water available.

The BackyardChickens site has a board for poultry emergencies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Chickens Site

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