Needing Advice! Many have Hatched!

MarilynsChicksMarch 6, 2012

Ok i have 25 eggs inside of my incubator. The first little fella popped its self out of its shell very earl this morning an the several kept comeing every few hrs later. I did a bunch of searching this morning an found several brooders saying they take them out of the incubator 2 hrs after hatch an place under heat lamp around a lower heat then the incubator but still warm for the dry off well but dont desturb the others. Well i decided not to bother them until i had 5 babies jumping around an on top of all the others than decided to do as he said. Will this hurt them in any way? the all seem to be doing fine but i keep worrying and cannot sleep. I have the theromometer in there with them about 90 under the heat lamp and the are drying. Also one was born hrs ago that cant seem to move well. i under stand that it takes a while to build strenght as the 8 before it were slow but not like this. One was JUST born can lift its head better than this guy who was born 6 hrs earlier??? Help Please

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I'm certainly no expert but have hatched quite a few clutches.

We usually leave them in the incubator for a little bit, then move them to a heat -lamp type set up where they can get out from under the heat if they choose to, kinda regulate themselves.

With that many chicks, I would consider dividing them, or at least making the corners of their area rounded - you are likely going to see some suffocate with that many. Rounded corners can help so noone gets stuck in the corner. Better to divide them or place the heat lamp far away from any corners like in the middle of the cage, safely of course so it can't fall & catch fire.

Occasionally you will lose a chick or 2. Not much you can do about it. Just keep that little one under the lamp, not too hot, and hope for the best. That little guy sounds like he's weak, or maybe he had a real hard time pipping out. You could try using an eye dropper & put a drop or 2 of molasses in his beak-not too much or he will choke, just enough to give him a little energy/jump start, then no more.

Make sure your waterer is big enough only for their beaks to get into, or you will find a drowned chick or two.

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