We got a neglected goat!

natalie312(9)March 19, 2009

We just recently goat a neglected billy goat. Her knees are raw, her hoves were way over grown, her lip won't close properly, and she has a big owie on her nose caused by her harnise. The people we got her from said that she got the owie from pulling to hard on her harnise. We trimed her hoves, we are putting Bag Bome on her nose and knees, and we removed her harnise and put on a regulare color. She is super sweet and i want the best for her. Please let me know if there is anything i can do to make her better faster!

Thank You,


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OH, the poor thing! You are so good to take in that poor gal, make her better and give her a good home! You do have other goats, too, right?

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Poor thing. I wish more people understood the nature of goats! They are truly free spirits. Good for you for saving her! She is one lucky girl!

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Congratulations on your new goat!

Sounds like you're doing what I'd be doing for her soers.

Do you have her health chart? I'd worm her for worms & keep her on an easy diet of hay for a few days, gradually acclimating her to your feeding regime, update her CD/T regardless of whether they say she received it this year or not(2cc/s under skin). Careful not to introduce her to lush new pasture if she hasn't been on it, feed changes need to happen slowly.

I'd let her chill for a while as she may be under stress from the move, maybe not. Take things slow.

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Her nose is doing very better. Yes, she is with two healthy happy pigmy goats. The people who we got her from said that she had given her dewormer this month. Thanks agian you guy's, I'll keep on going what im doing.
Thank You,

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I'm confused a billy goat is a male.
No matter the sex of the goat it is lucky to have you for it's new owner.

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