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runningtrailsMarch 13, 2009

I ran out of chicken feed 2 days ago. Yesterday for breakfast and dinner they got a huge mass of Basmati rice (it was the only kind I had) mixed with boiled eggs, ground up together and some celery. This morning they will get a mass of pasta and boiled egg with ground up egg shells for calcium.

Today I will get more feed. lol! We are eating some very expensive eggs these days but our chickens are loving it!

I think I will buy a huge bag of CHEAP rice to store for emergency winter chicken raitions.

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I feed laying pellets but also a little scratch grain every day.Also have a bag of wheat to sprout and got a great deal on some grits that I cook for the least waste.They last a long time and I have mixed other stuff like heated and ground eggshells or dry milk with them.Anyway if you keep more than one feed on hand you might not run out!I question how good rice is for chickens .You might let us know if their egg laying is off.Posy_pet

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R U sure you ran out of feed or are you just spoiling those girls again!! LOL

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