White on White Callundrum

tkhooper(7)November 6, 2010

I planted some Peruvian Daffodils last year. They are lovely. What I didn't realize being a new gardener was that I was planting white flowers against a white house. Needless to say they don't show to best advantage. Now there is room to plant behind them closer to the house. Or I could move them to infront of a clump of purple irises I have in another location. I would like to move them but I'm told they don't like being moved. So considering I'd like the bed they are in to be all yellow, orange, and red can you tell me if I need to keep them where they are what would be a good plant to put behind them?

I just really need some advice.

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I think what you have there is a conundrum. When do they bloom for you - mid summer? I mix white with everything since, for me, it's a unifier. But you're right in wanting something dramatic to be set off by or against something.

If I had Peruvian daffodils or Spider Lilies (they'd have to be dug and stored someplace relatively warm here), I'd set them off against tall and green. Or, failing that, in a spot by themselves with only their own foliage and a natural but dark mulch as a foil.

I'm guessing you don't want to paint the house. :-)

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It's vinyl so no painting and really I like the white with black trim. And yes the bloom time is mid summer. I had Iris behind them but it just didn't help I still couldn't really see them unless I was standing right next to them. It sounds like I may have to try and figure out a way to move them and hope they don't die on me.

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Like with anything else, a little care in transplanting would probably ensure their survival.

I just Googled Peruvian Daffodils which is a good way to get information - some of it good and some not so helpful. Seems that it's recommended that they be divided in the spring (when the time comes that they need dividing)... so I took that to mean they can simply be transplanted in the spring, as well, once the night time temperatures average above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

You'd be in a better position to determine exactly when "spring" and night temps are suitable in your zone than many of us across the map.

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Just a grouping behind the daffodils of annual purple Cosmos which are available in every nursery and box store each spring should accomplish your purpose. Bloom from spring to frost if deadheaded when needed. Easy care.

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cosmos would definitely be tall enough, that sounds like a great idea for that space. Thank you for the suggestion.

I was wondering about dividing them because they have been having offsets.

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