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jennybog(zone 5)March 12, 2009

I know this sounds like a silly ? I was wondering about pygmy goat bucks. I have seen different pics of them some with short hair some with very long.Do any of you know much about how they look as mature into adults. Anyway of telling if they will have long or short hair??? Thankyou for being patient to this newbie

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No Question is silly. Goats generally can be classified as short, medium, or long haired.

Male goats do tend to get long hair in certain areas, like the nape of the neck, a beard of course, and sometimes a skirt(females can have skirts & beards, too). These goats are generally considered short haired, or described as having a skirt. Short haired females tend to not get the long hair on the nape of the neck as frequently as the males, particularly when the weather gets colder.

To the best of my knowledge, long haired goats (as in long hair all over) grow the long hair later, maybe as yearlings or their 2nd year. Generally cashmere goats (coated, not the breed) are the same way, from my experiences.

The African Pygmy is a short haired goat. There are variations of the breed, such as the Pygora, but I'm not sure if they are classified as a breed as of yet or not.

The long haired goats are sure beuatiful animals. We shyed away from them as we didn't want to deal with the hair.

I hope this helped a little bit, though we're not real familiar with long - haired goats.

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jennybog(zone 5)

Thankyou Brendasue,
That answered alot of my ?s Jenny

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