miniature donkeys - rehoming advice needed

suburbandonkeymomMarch 25, 2011

This forum has been a great help to me in the past and I'm hoping someone can offer me some direction once again. I own two 5 yo miniature donkeys. They are in great health and I really love them, but I have come to the rather difficult decision that they would be better off elsewhere, somewhere they can kick up their heels, run and have grass to graze on. Well, that's my dream. My question is this: Where do I begin? I don't want to sell them, just give them to someone who will love them and give them the life they deserve. Boy, does that sound sappy! Anyway, if someone can suggest how I might start this process, I would be most grateful. Thank you all.

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Put a sign up in your local feed mill and then screen the people that want them. I'm sure there will be lots of good homes out there.

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Thank you for caring about them so much. I love my mini donks! Talk to people, feed store, vet, horse people ... look on craigslist for your area and see if you can find someone else that raises them. They might be interested, or know of some one.

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Thank you both for your advice. I will put up a sign at my local feed store. I had pictured them living somewhere OTHER than suburbia, but I guess I should keep an open mind. There are plenty of horsefarms around. I am ashamed to admit that I have never been to Craig's list, although I've heard lots about it (usually people looking for a very different kind of ass). I am not opposed to paying for transport even a couple of hundred of miles if necessary, so I need to find a way to put this out there in more of the northeast than my feed store will do. What's good about my situation is that I am in no rush. Thanks again for posting.

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I wouldn't actually put an ad ON Craigslist for them...lots of creepy people can hang out on there. Especially if you are giving them away for free. One thing, perhaps, if you can find any online horse related groups in your area...there's a place to start...or you can visit lil beginnings miniature horses website, they have a mini donkey forum on there, post there and ask around. Never know, there may be someone on there in your area!

Donkeys are very sensitive creatures (I have three), and you want them to go to a good place. Another place to get the word out is any large animal vets in the area... but if possible, I'd stay away from ads on Craigslist. You don't want to find anybody who may see two free donkeys and turn around and sell them for profit. I'd go the vet route. Never know, a tech there or something might even be interested in adopting them!

You're doing what's in the best interest of your donkeys, but for that reason, you also have to be very careful with you you tell.

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Thank you, grullablue. I visited that forum and have registered -- and loved reading all the postings on donkeys. It makes me feel better about my decision to rehome mine knowing that there are so many mini lovers out there.

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Where are you I have 2 Im thinking getting some more south central pa?

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

If you want a farm home, I suggest you go to Homesteading Today and post an ad on the barter forum. That way you will reach the right audience.

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Bulldinkie -- I am on Long Island, thanks for inquiring. Oregon -- I will look into Homesteading Today. Currently I am in conversation with some members of the forum that grullablue recommended, so I'm going to take it slow. I will only let them go if I know they are going to donkey nirvana with more room than they will know what to do with. Thank you, I am optimistic.

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Any update? My 3 have been loving that it's getting to be spring finally, out in their pasture racing around, kicking up their heels!

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Unfortunately, no. I had a couple of inquiries but nothing serious. I have been taking it slow, but now I'm wondering if I'm taking it too slow. I will be away for a week and after that I may try another forum that someone suggested. Don't worry, I will be careful. The woman from whom I got the donkeys as weanlings has said she will post them on her website for me (even though she is not from this area). They are trained, like my dogs, to the invisible fence. So, in the meantime, I will let them have run of the whole yard for short spells so that they, like yours, can kick up their heels. Unfortunately, I have to watch them carefully because they get into trouble and take bites out of things that they shouldn't (at least when my hubby is home). They once took a nibble of the brand new mohogany columns that support our portico -- hubby was not happy. Thank you for asking about them!

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Thanks for the update ... they do like to get into trouble don't they? That's why I've been amazed that you have them trained to the invisible fence ... I can imagine your husband wasn't happy ...

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Hi Pamghatten. I just returned home and saw your post. It was not difficult at all to train them to the invisible fence. They got zapped only once and from then on, the beep they heard as they approached the wire was enough. The only adjustment I had to make was to put the prong piece that delivers the zap on a strong elastic band instead of the usual dog collar that doesn't stretch. It is great until the electricity goes out. Last year after an ice storm and blackout, I awoke to their sweet faces at my kitchen window! Have a great spring!

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