Dead Chicken

laturcotte1March 3, 2010

Monday morning one of my 2 barred rock 7 month old hens was dead on the floor of the coop. We examined her closely not a mark, no binding eggs, nothing. The night before they both happily ate meal worms, they waited as usual to be pet, I scratched them and talked they clucked very happily. The other is fine. I got them at 1 week old and only had the two. They are extremely friendly and now when I go in to see her she jumps on me to be touched and is very loud. Everyday we got two eggs from them but never knew which was laying which, they were identical, now we are getting one egg so we assume they both laid one.

My question is should I get her another hen now? They stay in their coop and pen all winter and they don't free range until April. Their pen is quite large and the coop is a 10x10 with raised beds. I just don't want any fights. She is quite large. Should I get the same kind the same age or different, smaller? I feel so chicken stupid, I just dont want to stress her out anymore than she is. I know the whole meet and greet introduction. If they don't get along I have no other place to put the new hen and that worries me.

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So sorry about your hen, I don't have any suggestions as to what might have got her. If it were me, I would get more than a few more chickens, LOL. Sounds like you have room and that your remaining hen is lonely. I would just get some spring chicks and when they were big enough, put them in there with her. It doesn't matter as to breed, either. Lori

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Get her another hen or two for company. Chickens are flock animals and need others around them to be happy. Ideally try to get another hen her age, but if you have to go younger, don't worry--when they are both grown up they won't care about the age difference.

Barred Rocks are in the middle when it comes to temperment I think--not too sweet and not too mean, so something like an Americaunas, Cochins, etc. should all work. An adult or nearly so bantam would work, too.

Velvet ~:>

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