Everything on Farm Ok Today...So Far lol

bulldinkie(pa)March 27, 2012

Longhorn cattle are grazing,donkeys too,turkey is laying eggs,Funny story about her,she was roaming our neighborhood,skinny lookin ratty,so we named her latimore she would go in chickenhouse.Id yell latimore shed come to the door and look like yes what do you want,cute.Well she visited neighbors in a gated community.It was getting to be fall,hunting season,so I said shes friendly we had to catch her shell get shot ..So we did ,we put her in chickenhouse hes a she.She lays eggs,she got beautiful,Shes blue.She had a beard we thought a male.

Turkey & chickens are ok I put windows back in last night for them.Horses are grazing all is fine here.

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

Back after a long absence, farm here is OK too. Worried about Japanese Beetles after such a mild winter, though. Donkey is good, horses are good and our turkeys are laying, too. I remember you from the Tomato forum, going to be a great summer!


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