On Deck Corn Hybrid-Burpee

crisslyon(8b)May 11, 2013

New smaller hybrid that can be grown closer together.touted as container corn.

Has anyone tried this yet? How was the germination rate for you?

I just had to re sow about half of the seeds. Only got 50% germination out of the 60 seeds I planted. I've done nothing different from every other corn variety that I have grown for years.

I'm not impressed yet.

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I planted these a little less then a month ago and they aren't doing to bad. They are about 3in tall right now. The germination rate for me was about 60-70%. We'll see how they fare though.

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I'd be interested in how yawl's harvest goes, small ears for small plants? or normal production and size?

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I'll repost when I harvest. It's only supposed to take 63 days. It says two to three ears 7-8 in long. although I've never had 3 ears on anything I've grown. Hopefully I'll get better germination with the re-sow.

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rnewste(8b NorCal)

I've had mixed results with this product. About 70% germination overall:

These were planted March 29.

I've just planted 2 new CornTainers and have learned to start a number of replacement spares for the no-shows:

I think it is important to keep all of the stalks at the same size for best yield - a lesson I sadly learned from my first planting.


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Those look very good. Sadly my first round when I planted I only had a couple sprout, so I replanted a couple weeks later and now I have corn that aren't all at the same stage in development

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I got one packet of 30 seeds. Sowed 15 in an earthbox. One sprouted.

What a dud!

I suppose I'll sow the other 15 seeds, but I'm not optimistic about it.

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Okay reporting my formal review of this that I submitted to burpee
If anyone looks at the reviews burpee keeps responding to people that want refunds that they are either over watering or that they planted in ground temp below 65 degrees (even though in the product description it clearly states 55) .... I did neither of these things.

"Meh.... Not impressed,... Good & bad about this but not enough good for me because I have room to grow corn
The bad:
I've been growing corn for twenty years. No burpee...the soil was not too cold nor did I overwater the plants (you responded to someone's review demanding a refund that they are sensitive to over watering) if they are that sensitive it needs to be In the care info. I did two sowings. Got around 50 % germ the first time and about 60% the second time. For the price of the seeds I would expect better germination than that & the seeds looked very shriveled and tiny.
The good: they grew very quickly.64 days to harvest exactly. I had absolutely zero pest problems from either sowing and the plants never showed any sign of stress. In other words,the ones that did germinate did not need to be babied. Plants grew to be between five and six feet tall. The corn tasted very good also once harvested.
Meh: the first sowing I spaced at recommended seed spacing (close) pollination was OKAY. I got one ear per plant on about 75% of the plants., the ears tasted good but were no where near as big around as other corn varieties. I was not upset about this because I assumed they wouldn't be as large as some others being a shorter variety. There was not two to three ears per plant at all.
The second sowing I spaced further apart. More traditional distance. I got better pollination and second & third smaller ears (not unusual).
Choose for yourself but read reviews. this variety did have some good qualities but I think burpee needs to work on the germination issue. There's way too many negative reviews about the germination to believe that everyone just planted at the wrong time & no one knows what they are doing."

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