Forcing cats to hunt for their food

carmen_grower_2007(4/5)March 2, 2011

We have 7 cats (all altered) that we have allowed to be a little spoiled. We let them inside a guest house when it is really cold at night and always feed them outside but am wondering if we need to feed them less.

If the food is only available for a few hours each day, will they get the hint and start hunting for their food? Once the snow melts, we plan to keep them outside full time. They are all close to adulthood now.

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Some cats are better hunters than others. Being hungry has only a little bit to do with it. Hungry cats eat what they catch. Well fed cats drag it home to you but rarely eat it. Healthy cats can live a long time but rarely do they hunt their entire lives. I've had cats that killed wild rabbits the same size as they were and I've had cats that only hunted lizards and frogs. Keep in mind that coyotes like to eat cats and they seem to know that houses in the country have house cats around them.

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