am I mean??

beeliz(2)March 18, 2008

Due to the ridiculous amount of snow we now have..I have no choice but to confine the goats to their house..which is actually a large gazebo converted to a barn. Is anyone else forced to do the same thing with their animals,because I they have no choice? Am I mean?

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AS long as they are well taken care off, I would say NO.

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I don't think so. I have livestock that simply refuses to go out in bad weather, so I don't bother myself with opening doors on really bad days, just do the rest of the chores and go back where it is warm. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


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My goats aren't interested in going out unless they can find something to eat. They get to the barn door, see the snow and stay inside.
Snow is melting here, but the ground is saturated. They don't like walking in cold water and mud either.
Warmer weather is on it's way....I hope...and they will be bouncing all over the place soon. I love watching them play when they do get outside.

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ohhh good! That's so nice to hear..hope the snow melts here soon. I can't wait till they can wonder their paddock again!!

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My mini donks won't go out either when there's too much snow. They'd rather stay inside and destroy the barn. :>)

The door is open, but they stay in.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

As long as they aren't crowded too much, as long as they have feed - which doesn't HAVE to all be top quality, as the purpose is as much to keep them occupied as to nourish them - then I wouldn't worry about it. If you can safely give them toys - heads of cabbage, branches to strip bark off, milk jugs with a few pebbles inside to toss around, etc., then you would add to the entertainment factor, but it's not necessary.

If you want, and are really worried about them being bored, AND if you have the time and room, I am sure you can handle them, teach them tricks, to lead well, to tie, have their feet handled, to carry packs, etc.. If you opt for this, I would try to work with them individually, separated from the rest, as the other(s) will get in the way. Of course, if the snow is really deep, then you may not have the room for this, in which case, ignore it.

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Happy2BeeME(4a NH)

my horses don't like to go out in below zero windy days, they stay in their stalls. they have lick it toys and balls and hay to keep them busy.

My baby has learned the basics of driving in his stall this winter. small space 12x12... my mare is learning to step up on a platform and a couple of other tricks... but they enjoy the company/attention and LOVE the work.

the goats will be fine, I also keep the door open a bit so they have fresh air and can see outside abit and know they aren't missing anything.

-spring is only a few hours away now...


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YAY!! that's right!! you wouldn't know by looking out the window here at the moment,but it is..TOMORROW!

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I don't think so. At my riding stable, the horses have been confined to their stalls for nearly a month now due to extreme mud! They seem fine, and soon enough they will be able to get back out again and will forget all about their confinement!

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Goats don't like the wet at all whether it be rain or snow so don't worry. The barn door is always open (3 sided closed porch attached) so they can step out if they want but no way, they don't want any part of being wet. I do, however, feed them every morning and every night, the night feeding I take opportunity to chat with them. I sit for awhile and that seems to satisfy the human contact they like. When I can't take the time I don't feel so guilt.

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to break up the boredom, we feed our goats fallen branches from our pine trees. They love it and it is supposed to a natural dewormer. The only goat we have that goes outside in the snow is the angora. She thinks she is one of our jacob sheep, and they go out in everything but the worst rain.

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Oh thats so cute, I used to have angoras and pygoras they never felt the rain.

Now raising mixed breed pack goats you can see a difference in their attitudes. I don't get snow here, but I can tell you, mine really could care less about going out when its raining, wind storm, hailing whatever. They are completely content with watching from the barn door at all the chaos outside. I actually like it, they are horned goats so they get along peacefully sharing space looking out in a storm.

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