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runningtrailsMarch 2, 2009

It's done! It's done! Well, almost. I don't have the hinges for the top yet, but that's all that is left to do.

Here's the window I just put in the chicken house. I got four of these windows on Freecycle. ( I love Feecycle!)

Here's the fencing over the inside. It's nailed with U nails on every other wire. That baby's not coming off!

See how much light it gives them. It faces mostly east and a little south. I also moved the roosts closer to the wall. They were going right across the middle of the room, making cleaning and maneuvering in there difficult.

Here's what happens when I leave the shredded paper bag open. I got six eggs from there this morning. It's usually tied up tight for safety as much as other concerns. Don't want trapped and smothered chickens but I left it open this morning while I finished the window. They took advantage of the opportunity, silly pixilated gals!

Of course, since I built it, it's not completed square. There's a little shim under the right corner, to lift it up even with the frame. When I attach it at the top with hinges it will lift it up a little so it won't matter. I measured carefully and used a level and a square, doesn't matter, never does...

The chickens don't care. Hubby seems to think my inability to make anything square and straight is cute and endearing. Personally, I find it extremely frustrating! I have more or less just given up and accepted the fact that anything I make is going to be a tiny bit crooked.

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A window tip: hinge at the bottom, open inward. this along with roof venting gives a good air exchange and no draft on the birds,+ no rain gets in. Air exchange is one of the most important things you can do for poultry.

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YOU have a WORKSHOP?? I am so jealous! LOL I have a shed outside and of course my living room--My family hates it when I decided to work on yet another project!! In the house with a tarp down-kitchen table "my workbench"! I just brought in all my wood and tools to start on the chicken feeder-I guess it is dinner on the hearth----again! LOL


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That is one great chicken coop! I have in-laws coming next week--do you rent it out?
Don't worry about things not being square--the world isn't perfectly round either. You did a great job with the windows (which may have been slightly out-of-square to begin with) and they make a great addition to the coop. Let me know about the in-laws.

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runningtrILS YOU ARE JUST ON FIRE AREN'T YOU? I wish I had your energy but then again your list of projects is so long you have no time to sit around, Today we had our second snowstorm of the year and darn if I was going out there to do anything besides feeding the animals

So you put the net on the inside and the window will open on the outside yes? I am not understanding that suggestion of putting the hinge on the bottom

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install hinges on the inside bottom of the window, this allows the window to tip in. This allows air in to circulate up and out, a chimney effect carrying out moisture and dust particles.If the window tips out it is more likely to allow water in. if it opens at the bottom a draft is created on the floor, bad, bad thing! It is not the desired effect.

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I think you did a good job. Add one of those planters hanging below & plant strawberries or something & no one will ever know unless you point it out to them!

Just a thought, because I know they are a problem here. It looks like a weasel can get into that wire, and you'd be surprised the grip they can get on an abrasive wall. A ferret can get through 1x2 wire, I'm fairly sure a weasel can also. I'd keep that wire for strength, and add hardwire cloth so nothing can get in. This is what we use on our doors & windows & no problems, other than having to take a broom to it once in a while for dust.

I'm not meaning to criticize at all, please don't take this wrong! I just want your birdies to be safe.


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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Nice job! :) Good for you for recycling, I love being able to reuse stuff.

That girl looks so happy on that HUGE nest! It reminds me of the story about the princess and the pea...

Velvet ~:>

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Thanks everyone! I will definately put tighter fencing on it. I have a big stash of chain link I can use, or run covered wire cornerwise through that one. Maybe that would be easier and I have lots of covered wire.

Those gals sure do like that sack of shredded paper! If I left it like that they would all use it. Makes me wonder if I should turn my nesting boxes up the other way and fill them with the shredded paper. Maybe they're just bored.

The window is made to open from the bottom to the outside with hinges at the top, which will shield the opening from the rain also. The fencing is already on the inside and it ain't acomin' off! (I'm originally from TN.)

Marlingardiner: I have second coop just like that one that is full of cardboard for the garden. You're inlaws are welcome to rent that one. It's clean and dry and would actually make a great little guest room but they'd have to walk to the house for the amenities. lol! It's -4F here right now.

Nelda, I made the workshop this fall in the front of my large garage. Why not make yourself one in that shed? It started with a huge rough shelf thing that I couldn't even move and went from there. I installed the bench/table in sub zero F temps this winter. It's all just rough stuff from the side of the road or a construction site, but it works for me. I got truckloads of scrap wood from a friend's construction site this summer.

I do love free stuff!! I need my truck fixed!

I'm not going to get a book and do it myself but thank you for the info Seramas. I don't have time to learn all that and hubby already knows how to do it. I have to let him do something, right? He much prefers to program on the computer when not at work. He sure loves that Pure Basic! I call him a nerd all the time. He's going to fix the truck. I'm going to MAKE him fix the truck! lol! I know! I'll start hauling dirt and loose manure in his little cavalier. He'll fix the truck quick then.

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LOL on your theory on how to make DH fix the truck.

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