Baby Chick diet

aprilfool(7)March 13, 2009

We have some baby chicks 3weeks old now. When can we take them off the baby chick feed and use regular chicken feed?

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They need to be 4 or 5 months old before
starting lay pellets with my broods.

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If you can find some game bird grower or conditioner that is good. I feed medicated starter until they are large enuff to eat the game bird pellets. Usually by the time they are feathered out nicwely. When they are about 6-8 months you can continue with the grower/conditioner or feed a game bird breeder pellet. I never feed layer feed to my poultry, its really not a complete feed. It is formulated to produce the most eggs for least expense.

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Really? What do you feed your layers? What is missing from the layer feed (I use Purina or Layena crumbles)?

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I feed everything game bird breeder rations during the breeding season, Jan-June, then either a game bird conditioner or a turkey grower pellet. There is nothing wrong with a good quality lay ration but they are not a total ration for breeding birds, they dont make the most healthy egg, and that is where your next generation begins.. they are designed to make the most eggs for the least cost and are probably just fine for most folks.

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