Problem with pekin ducklings?

chickenduckloverMarch 15, 2010

I bought 2 Peking ducklings to go along with my 10 chicks and they were perfectly fine until the last couple of days. The one duckling got a snotty nose and it was plugged with dried snot. So he was breathing through his mouth. I ran some warm water over His beak and it cleared it up. Then the next day the other duck was breathing through his mouth but did't have snot in his nose. It almost looked like he was gasping for air. That same day he got flipped over on his back twice so I helped him over both times. He would not get up At all. It was like he was lethargic. So this morning he was dead in the brooder. Now his sister is doing the same thing. She will eat but she will not stand she just crawls. So I am expecine to se her dead tomorrow morning . I feel so bad because I feel like I could have done somehing but I have done all I can. I let the ducklngs swim twice in warm water in he bath tub. There brooder is 1/2inch wire mesh but half of it is covered with a sheet. Could that be the problem? The feed store suggested that we get electrolites and vitamines to mix with their water so they have that and non medicated chick feed. So what happened!!! The brooder is at 80 degreese and the ducklings were almost 2 weeks old. They were Peking ducklings. Are Peking ducklings just very hard to raise? What are the easiest ducklings to raise? Thank you very much!

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)

How deep was / is their waterer? Ducks need to be able to submerge their beaks to keep the nostrils clear. They submerge then shake their heads.

I'm on about my tenth year with ducks and ducklings, never used electrolites or vitamines. If I see weakening of the legs, I use brewers yeast ( niacin deficiency). Never use medicated chick feed for ducks.

I have never raised Peking duck. I'm think most ducks are hardy and trouble free.


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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


Is it bad news? How are things?


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Well my duckling got better to where she could walk but now she refuses to use her left foot. It is totally limp, so when she tries to stand up only the one leg pushes, so it flips her over . I have found her flipped over twice but I don't know what will happen... I just keep praying that she doesn't suffer!

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