Ducklings - can you tell the sex?

carajonMarch 20, 2008

We would like to get a 2-4 Khaki Campbells, primarily for eggs (and because they are darn cute!). A local feed store has some ducklings in, but they are straight run. I'm open to having a drake, but I want to make sure we get at least one female since we want eggs. Esp since we are vegetarians and will not be eating the ducks. Is there any way to guess from the appearance of the tiny little ducklings whether they are male or female? I'd really rather get the duckings locally than mailorder if there is any way to make sure I end up with a female or two.


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pick them up, they will quack, the louder are the ducks and the muter are the drakes.

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Thank you! We'll try your technique today when we pick out our ducklings.

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ya,that's how I sex them too...The females will be louder and honk,and the males kind of softly a whisper! The fems are basically very vocal.

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Well, we brought our two ducklings home and one is extremely loud and the other is quieter, so maybe we have one of each. There is such a contrast between the vocalizing of the two that the kids named them Max Volume and Peace - guess which is which? I'll report back when we can tell if we've got boys, girls, or one of each. In any case, they are the cutest, friendliest, cuddliest little things ever!

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Does this go for geese too? I recently got three African Geese...I've noticed that one is very wiggly and LOUD and the other two are more laid back when you pick them up.

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