Two Geese laying Questions

virgtesMarch 28, 2011


I have a young female Toulouse(under a year) that has produced a clutch of 10 eggs. I have two ganders as well. The nest is built beautifully in the goose hut and I notice that the hay is moved on it daily but she never seems to be sitting on them. I don't understand this. All three of these geese were raised by parent geese or in a flock of geese all raised without human aid.

Also, I noticed today that her keel is lower on one side than the other. It seems the left side- the keel is completely gone. Is this normal?

It is so hard to find any information on geese and I have a book and still the info is scarce.

One more thing; she is eating an awful lot of dirt.

Thank you.


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A goose or chicken will not sit their eggs until the clutch size is appropriate. How many in a clutch will be breed dependent, but geese can lay up to 15 eggs. When they are satisfied that the clutch size is right, they'll start to sit them.

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