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runningtrailsMarch 3, 2009

Lasagna and Rice Krispie squares.

Ha! You though I was building outside, didn't you? Are you nuts! It was -4F when I got up this morning!

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Yes!!!! I thought maybe you had gone crazy! LOL I remember you had said it was -4, I thought what could you possibly be building now! That looks so yummy I think I can smell it from here. I am putting on a roast as we speak-everything in it is from the garden, well except the roast it is from a butchering in the fall that I helped with.


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Too funny ... comfort food when it's FREEZING!

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Yup you got me too. I was thinking what in the world can superwoman be up to now. I know you are still sore from mounting that bathouse. So I was glad to see it was food. Don't over do it runningtrails and as for the dishes YOU Go Girl. They look delish.

I just came from the doctor who ordered me to 3 days bedrest (flu). I went to the store to stock up on some supplies and when I got there all I could think of was chicken soup and plenty of juices. I have the chicken soup on a slow simmer right now. I am so sleepy but the soup smells so good it is keeping me awake. LOL

Lasagna would have been the perfect meal to eat when the soup runs out. Ugggh I am going to have to get to the store to get the ingredients because now I HAVE TO HAVE SOME.

And I guess I should be grateful. The temp here is 32 and feels like 26. that was a big freezing deal for me till I thought about your below freezing temps. You would probably would love 32 degrees huh?

Enjoy the Lasagna and rice krispy treats!!

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Sorry to hear you are sick! Stay warm and get lots of rest - three days of sleep. Chicken soup is lovely when you're ill. Better for a sick stomach than lasagna.

Lasagna is the only way I can get the guys to eat spinach :-)


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Yeah the soup is great!! I like to use dark meat for my soup and I brought 6 chicken legs (which after cooked will be shredded off the bone). Combined with all the ingredients I figured it would last 3 days. Well remember how good I said it smelled? Well I have to pat myself on the back...that soup was Good!

I have been shopping at this Spanish supermarket called Compare Foods. They have everything you can not find anywhere else especially ethnic selections (Indian, Spanish, Asian, Caribbean, etc), HUGE fresh vegetable section with everything you like and so much you never heard of (kind of fun to look up dishes to use them in) and a huge selection of fresh spices. The spices come in small plastic bags instead of bottles, there is not a lot in the bags and so they are cheaper and very fresh because you buy the seasons as you need them. ANYWHO It made a world of difference in my cooking including my soup and my SO almost ate the whole pot last night! I could not believe my eyes! I reminded him that was for me to eat because I am SICK Remember??? And he said it was so good he could not help himself. He said he kept saying if he took a little more there would still be plenty for me. LOL you know how that went. So I have to figure out something for tomorrow and Fri night. ideas?

After Fri I can graduate to something richer. I use fresh tomatoes and spinach in my lasagna too (amongst other things). I only mention this because I use a cast iron pot & when cooking tomato based dishes in the cast iron you get a dish rich in iron! Just what I need right now. I promise not to over do it.

How much damage was done to your lasagna last night? LOL I bet it has a pretty big hole in it now. I am telling you the truth every time I look at that photo it makes my stomach growl!!

Oh and the good news is with this flu I decided to quit smoking

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islandmanmitch(z 8/9 FL)

Sorry you are sick but happy you are quitting the smokes.

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yeah I think that is making me worse! I am going to try to stick with it this time.

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Good for you for quitting! I know it's hard but you can do it, Be strong! Put the money away that you would be spending on smokes and treat yourself with it. Buy something special (like power tools) with the money at the end of each week for three months. It'll give you some incentive.

Nothing lasts around here for long! There's very little left now.

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