electric fencing for pigs

hound_dogMarch 23, 2010

I am getting a couple pigs in May and i am wondering about fencing. I like the idea of using some sort of electronet fencing because it seems like i could use it for a variety of other critters (goats, sheep) if i wanted to later on. and i like it because i can fence off a much larger area a lot cheaper than if i was using hog panels. I would like to enclose the animals in a fairly large area until they reach slaughter weight. What are some thoughts from people who have used electic fencing for pigs? appreciate it!!

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I don't have any experience with electronic fencing but we had good results with hog panels. A few years ago we got 2 pigs and had them slaughtered and just this past weekend we got 3, 2 for us and our family and one that my DH's coworkers want to go in on. I personally would love to pasture the pigs but economically, it seems to me to be better to have them enclosed in the hog panels. You want to feed them good food and give them room to root and do pig things, however, you might not want them running acres if you are trying to get them to slaughter weight. Keep in mind that I have only done this one other time so hopefully you will get some good advice from someone with experience. Pigs are supposed to be really smart, smarter than dogs according to the research. I don't see that but maybe I've had some impaired piggies! ;) Good luck, if you have success with the electronic fencing I would sure like to know. Lori

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Folks here use a strand of wire about shin high to keep wild boar out of corn fields. I got caught up in the net you are talking about once and think if I was a little pig with a wet nose, I'da been suckin.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

One wire about foot high so caught noise on target one about 2 foot high stop walk thoughts.

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We have a small herd of pigs on pasture and run a length of turbo tape to keep them from getting to newly planted trees. We have a hot wire, ground, then another hot spaced about 10" apart run horizontally on T-posts. If the pig is big enough and your fence has a good charge, they can sense the fence and avoid it. Smaller pigs will run under the lowest hot wire and take the shock if they want in the other side badly enough. We have not tried the electric netting. We have found that if something like dense shrubs acts as a visual barrier for them, it is a helpful deterrent along with the fence. If you are going to pasture pigs, choose a hardy breed. We have GOS pigs.Ours take 9 months to a year to get to market weight.

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