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rickstangNovember 13, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I've worked pretty had on this the last couple days and I'm open to any ideas/suggestions.

The Idea:

I wanted to create a spot where I can go and be surrounded by nature without seeing our house, the neighbors house to the left, etc.

I came up with the idea of doing a combination of rock/mulch garded. Simply because the rocks will last much longer than mulch and I wouldn't want to re mulch the entire bed each year. The rock part of the garden will feature all Evergreens/conifers/etc. The mulch portion will feature some evergreens for winter interest, but mostly roses/flowers. I also put a spot for a bird bath surrounded by flowers.

After crossing the small 5 foot bridge, you have flagstone that you can walk on to get to the trails out back or you can stop and enjoy the scenery on the chairs to the left. The property is a total of 700 feet deep.

I'm also trying to figure out what kind/shape of a bed to put out back in front of the septic and off to the right. My ultimate goal which will take years of planting is to turn the entire backyard into a nice scenic garden. Not one that is largely overcrowded because I still want a large portion of the backyard to be grass.

Any ideas/thoughts would surely be welcomed. Also, if you want feel free to take this image and modify it in any way. I'll keep modifying the original and keep posting new updated versions as I think of new ideas or if any of you suggest any.

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Is this like a blog?

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A Blog lol... It's a landscaping design forum which is why I'm posting my design idea for any suggestions/improvements anyone may have.

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photos of the property would help

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