bringing goats across the border

sleddogger(2b nw on)March 20, 2008

I'm looking into getting a few dairy goats, and I'm not having much luck finding any around here. It would be a much shorter drive to get some goats from mn or wi rather than s on, but I was wondering what I would need to get them across the border. Are there special health papers or anything we would need?



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We travel to other states for shows with our goats and a health certificate is required to cross state lines. They are issued by a veterinarian and are good for 30 days. They are checking for things like scrapies, hoof and mouth, Caseous Lymphadenitis, etc. It is always a good idea to have a vet look them over anyway if you are making a major purchase. There are other diseases like CAE you would want to check for and I would ask for proof (as in a blood test) that the animals don't have it. It is a hard road when you start our with diseased animals in your herd.


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Where abouts in Canada do you live. I know in Alberta there are quite a few Nubian breeders.Try Rockin M Nubians if you are anywheres close to them But there are many others

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sleddogger(2b nw on)

I live just outside of Thunder Bay, ON. I'll check out that breeder though.

Thanks for the info Bonnie. It doesn't sound like too much hassle.

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Now that I know where you live it helps. Manitoba has several nubian goat breeders.Just google Nubian Goats in Manitoba and you should be able to get an assortment of breeders. This would be a lot closer to you.I used to live in TB and still have family there. Visit often.

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sleddogger(2b nw on)

Next time you're coming over, want to bring some goats with you? 8-P Still doing a lot of searching, lots of info to sift through. I have some friends near Winnipeg, so I'll see if they know anyone. I'm not in any rush.

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