crumbling ledge over waterfall area

iknowladyNovember 10, 2013

My landscape designer insisted that the ledge in my back yard which is now exposed, after blasting for construction of a new house, was the perfect spot for a waterfall. So, yesterday while his guys were washing the ledge w/a hose, a fairly large piece of ledge fell off. I'm worried about ice this winter getting into the crevices and expanding sending the rock falling when it thaws. Is there any product to squirt into the crevices, some kind of adhesive/mortar made for this purpose?

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Nope. Have you discussed your concerns with your designer? I'm assuming based on your location that it's granite ledge not shale, he/she may have a better sense based on what they saw on site

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This may be a complex question. What type of rock, please? I have a hunch it is not a granite ledge. Could you post a picture? This is a situation where an eroding rock face may or may not be acceptable. Because our questioner has a concern it seems to me that the designer is obliged to retain a good stone mason to advise and then perform any work needed to stabilize the situation if necessary.

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It is actually granite. It is fractured from blasting. I'll try to get a picture up by the end of the day.

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Even in New England there's no guarantee a stone mason is going to be able to accurately assess the stability of recently-blasted granite. I figured on starting with what the designer's response was as I know *I* look long and hard for the answer when a client hits me with a question/concern, but I don't if I have zero idea there's an issue. OP didn't say if the designer is also managing the project. If not, this may be a surprise.

Where I grew up in New England we had a mix of granite and shale. Since NH is called the Granite State, I took a stab in the dark :)

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