Landscape suggestion ideas to share?

hilltop_gwNovember 7, 2010

I'm a lurker here and love to read the posts and the photoshop suggestions, but I hate to see people embarrass themselves. It's like the bad singer on America's Got Talent who just keeps coming back.

So, my suggestion:

It's one thing to have a computer program to toy with and share occasional ideas, I've even contributed a few; however please make them realistic and practical. Some of the pictures cram in a bunch of plants and trees to create an oriental looking mess. Overcrowding looks impenetrable, and hurts curb appeal and resale value. Please listen to what the people really want and think practical, for their zone, home style and with general aesthetics in mind.

To truly help people we need to enhance the beauty of things. Some posters have a natural talent for creating beauty and minimal balance while others require training to offer beneficial help that's in good taste.

OK, there I said it. My vent for the day. Some of you will know what I'm talking about. I'll crawl back in my hole now.

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One has to have some awareness to be embarassed. I don't really want to try and defend the indefensible, but you have to consider language in the mix - that and no sense of scale and proportion and suitability... just a program that shops 1000 year old forest specimens in their full blown mature glory onto a suburban plot. It doesn't matter the text of the question, just the availability of a photo and the ability to hone in on an understood key word or two.

Just think of our friend as a landscaper in the same sense that a woodpecker is a carpenter.

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I can't help it ...

Thank you, Hilltop. Well said. I'm an infrequent poster but frequent lurker here myself.

Duluthinbloom, your point is well-made, too, and I try to keep reminding myself of those very things ... but, gosh, I'm so sick of having to scroll down past those inappropriate and unrealistic conglomerations (and I'm leaving a lot unsaid out of courtesy).

There, I said it, too ... and will also crawl back in my hold now.

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