snow stories!!

beeliz(2)March 8, 2008

Does anyone have any crazy stories for this winter we've had? I thought I post a fun column for stories to liven this winter up a little...

First 2 pygmies are just walking straight out of their run because the snow is as deep as the fence is...this is outrageous! I almost have to keep them inside their house till the snow melts a bit...anyone want to join in???

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OMG! We just go the snow storm of the century last night in the Toronto area (I'm in Barrie)! I opened the door this morning and it was well over my little dog's head, right at the door - thigh deep on the level on the deck. We helped several people who got stranded on our road late last night, including our son who was tryiing to make it home and finally had to stop the car 10' from our driveway. The road very soon become impassable last night. Hubby blew the driveway to get sone's car in. He was blowing for 1.5 hours in the howling wind and snow just to clear our 150' drive. Needless to say, no one is going anywhere today. I hope they have the roads ploughed by dinnertime. We're suppose to go to the inlaws for dinner.

I sure would LOVE a snow day from work tomorrow!

Now I'm glad we don't have our chickens yet!

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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

My barn is on top of a fairly steep hill. The barnyard, where my ducks, geese, and chickens free range, goes down this hill, about 50 feet. The procedure is that the birds free range during the day, and then in the evening, I shepherd everyone back in the barn, standing on top of the hill, making hand gestures. Occasionally, I have to take a step or two in a certain direction, but it usually works. (The chickens go in by themselves, but the waterfowl need more encouragement.)

The barnyard/hill is now covered with ice and birdie nastiness.... This creates a nearly frictionless surface that would be JUST HORRIBLE to fall down in...

The past couple days have been warmer, and yesterday, it was raining pretty hard. So, the hill was nearly frictionless.

It was time to get everyone in the barn. I did my usual, opening the door, standing at the top of the hill, making my hand gestures, but the ducks and geese were so happy in the rain and new puddles that they didn't want to come in.

So I had to go out there and chase them in. There was this scene that would probably have made it to America's Funniest Home Videos with me skidding all around this hill in the pouring rain, shouting, waving a stick, while the ducks and geese gleefully running away from me in every which direction, but certainly not anywhere towards the barn. I think they knew that I couldn't control where I was going very well, and delighted in the merry chase.

I finally gave up, told them to send my regards to Mr. Fox, and returned in an hour, when they listened to my hand gestures. But they had the most smug expression on their bills....


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LOL! Jonathan...thats so funny! I totally understand how you felt,and I guess that's why I'm laughing so hard!
That was me a couple days ago,,but chasing around the goats!
the storm here is finally over,and like you "runningtrails" the snow is up to our thighs! This is insane..completely impossible to do anything! I now have to go uncover my car the best I can,it's gone...totally even with the snowbanks which are about 10 feet high.
Wish me luck :)

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kristenmarie(Z4-5/New Mexico)

what happened to global WARMING for goodness sakes?

We still have three-foot drifts too... Never saw a winter this cold, with this much snow!!! I'm desperate for spring!! If we get another snowstorm (which I know is possible) I might have to move to Hawaii.

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LOL,I'll follow!

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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)

Two days before the storm we had baby ducks hatch. They were 3 days old when the snow hit. Momma duck took them out for a walk in the snow. They got stuck in the foot prints. They were sooo Cute!


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