Edging by Road of Front Yard

Kelby232(6-6b PA)November 5, 2013

Hello all.

I am wondering if I could get some input on an Idea I have of edging my front yard by the driveway.

Right now I have a hedge of some pine trees and other various plants. I have a problem mowing around these and I want to give an edge to my front yard.

I drew a straight line in my pictures but I don't really like sharp or straight edges so I was thinking of doing a curvy or round edge.

Anyway, just trying to get your input.

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I'm looking but don't see straight lines that you drew, just broadly curving ones which seem quite reasonable, except for the jittery quality, which I'm sure would be dispensed with in the final product. Don't like sharp edges? I thought the same was true of myself way back before I began studying landscape design, but learned (rather early on) that the alternatives frequently didn't look near as nice or as professional. "Curvy or round edge" ... it would be important to know what you mean. If you mean looping in and out, you're just not correct that it's going to look better. It would look more "Candylandish" (and "dated" IMO) but if that's what floats your boat you're probably not going to accept advice to the contrary. A smooth, fluid curve is going to be your best bet for good looks and easiest maintenance. Contriving it up with gimmicks will make it look more amateurish.

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I like it as you have drawn it. Good idea.

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I like it, too, Kelby. I think I follow your drift when you say curvy or round edge - something soft ... just don't go overboard. Take a loooong garden hose and lay it out basically as you have drawn the lines, then adjust until you are happy with the lines.

As Yardvaark pointed out, a fluid curve is going to be easier for maintenance, and you certainly have the space for it.

Hope we'll see some "After" photos ;-)

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

The hose idea is always good, also the turning radius of your mower should match your beds. A nice easy curve that is easy to follow with the mower is going to save you time and also look better than any elaborate curves. But I think that's the type of look you already have laid out in your photos.
I like to have the widest part of the bed at the far end with something planted to stop your eye such as a fat evergreen or mass of shrubs. I prefer that to a bed that's largest at the midpoint.

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