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bradarmiNovember 17, 2010

Here is our new house before the sod was installed.

Here is a link that might be useful: BEFORE

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Do you have an inquiry; a landscaping dilemma? So far we only have the picture of the house - some details on what you're thinking your plans might be come spring would be helpful.

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LOL, I forgot to add the "after". I cannot seem to find it, let me take a new photo before I start with questions.

Sorry about that.

I have a row of Quickfire hydrangeas along the front porch and a few junipers in front. My thoughts were to ask what people would recommend on the far right of the house for vertical interest. I was thinking an arbor with roses as the lot is relatively long and narrow.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I thought maybe it was a guessing game. 8-) Or a test to see if any of us are psychic.

It's good to know that the sod's in well before winter.

Were you thinking of a walk-through arbor/pergola or the type of arbor that shades a bench? What size did you have in mind?

How far is it from that side of the house to the property line? Is there a fence along the property line -- or is there likely to be a fence in the future?

And last but not least, please tell us which direction the house faces.

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karinl(BC Z8)

To me it is not a given that you need vertical interest, nor that any pergola would be tall enough to qualify as "vertical" next to the height of the hosue. If you are trying to reduce the apparent bulk of the house, one of the most effective tools is trees behind the house that will eventually grow up to show above it.

Certainly, if we know what amount of space you have on either side of the house, better suggestions can be made, as well as an understanding of what impression you want to achieve.


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Sorry it took so long, here are some after shots. The front yard is hard to see since the mulch is almost the same color as the branches - I hope the labels turn out. The front yard faces West and I did want some evergreens there, but opted out of having the hedge of yew, boxwood, or abrovitae everyone else has. I put hydrangeas in the back and small conifers with interesting color/texture in the front. (There will be some shrub roses planted in mass in front of the hydrangeas, behind the conifers.

For the South side of the house, next to the garage, the lot is long and narrow and now that I finally have a sunny spot to garden in I can add a potager. So I thought of framing it with two upright junipers and an arbor with climbing roses. (I was thinking of mirroring the same design at the end of the lot would look cool).

Here is a link that might be useful: After shots new landscape

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Just in case everyone is having this problem....

I can't see the slideshow. It's probably my really old PC. Or possibly a Firefox incompatibility.

If other people are also having a problem, please let the OP know.

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I can't see them either - get an error message that the session wants to close itself.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

ditto here re closing itself...

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Sorry about that, does this work?

Here is a link that might be useful: after

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Success, bradarmi! ... though I don't know if it's full or partial success. I can now see a single photo of the landscaping in front of the front door. Should there be more? The labels are legible enough.

[If there are other photos, perhaps I can't see them because I'm not a Snapfish member.]

I can't say much about the landscaping in that photo as I don't know most of the plants very well. The junipers will love the sunny western exposure. But the ninebark is an awfully large shrub for that spot.

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The ninebark can take a real pruning; to the ground if desired once mature - but pruning tends to take away it's arching habit. You could have an 8' tall and wide shrub on your hands. Same could be true for the dwarf lilac in time.

The Jackmanii clematis is a thing of beauty. Although clematis branches do not twine around things such as a trellis, they climb by twisting their thin corkscrew shaped leaf stems around a support. They won't climb your smooth porch pillar without some kind of support helping them out. Failing to have ample support, it'll twine around itself in one thick, topheavy mass.

If you think yew, box, and arborvitae are too common and over used, you might also rethink the shrub rose idea - especially if those roses are the Knock outs.

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thanks for the info - the trellises for the clematises aren't installed since its going to be a while before they will be needed. I would also like to get matching trellises for the front and side of the house, and it was late in the season when I started planting.

I also forgot to mention at the end of the porch (left side) there is a climbing rose (Rosarium utersen) and a Rogouchi clematis on the last pillar for added vertical interest. Also there is a large loop out towards the lawn with a flowering plum (ornamental). The knockouts are over used, but in my neighborhood, they are scarce. I was actually thinking of English (Austins) but haven't settled on which one (you will see a post in the rose forum, if you are a rosarian). Ideas?

The ninebark placement came from my little sister (not a gardener) who didn't want to cover "the pretty house" with a tree. This is my first time growing ninebarks, we will see how they behave. I am sure its too close to the walkway. Lilacs I know can take an occasional pruning, especially the dwarfs.

Any suggestions on the side of the house? Portagers are real varied in design, my wife likes formal and I like cottage (I know, seems like it should be the other way around!).

Keep the suggestions coming, please.

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Ok I am tired of snapfish, I converted over to photobucket.

Here is the front yard with labels on most of the shrubs.

Here is my side yard

and what I want to do with it:


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