wanted: wanted: tr hovey dwarf papaya seeds

pat44thFebruary 4, 2014

I love to grow this tr hovey dwarf papaya in the pot. Anyone has seeds, please help. I can trade with any seeds in my list.

My seed list is here

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i dont have seeds for the Hovey
but i do have seeds of the X-77 which is supposedly a dwarf
(i have seedlings growing, but no mature plants right now)

fruit supposedly set at 2 1/2 ft above ground

Waimanalo (Waimanalo Solo, X-77)
Fruit round with a short neck, average weight 16 to 39 ounces. Skin smooth, and glossy, cavity star-shaped. Flesh thick, firm, orange-yellow in color, flavor and quality high, keeps well. Recommended for fresh market and processing. Fruits of female plants rough in appearance. Average height to the first flower is 32 inches.

Orange fleshed fruit averaging 680 grams. Sweet fruit and high yielding with a distinctive papaya flavor. Resists many diseases and high moisture areas. Bears Fruit sets at average .75 meters above ground. Usually sold in local Hawaii market. If environment is too dry, the tree will stop producing fruit. Packaged in 100-gram tin. Minimum germination 75%. Origin: Hawaii

Tolerant to fungus & high temp

Here is a link that might be useful: https://www.paramountseeds.com/seed-varieties-t93/seeds-for-the-tropics/tropics-small-papaya/tropics-waimanalo-papaya.aspx

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Thank you for the link ..... greenman62

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