Mama Bunny!

natalie312(9)March 22, 2009

What do you do if the mother abands the poor baby's? Will the dads eat the babys. What would you feed themif there mother abanded them?


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Is it a wild rabbit or tame?A wild rabbit will leave her babies for quite a long time.You should leave them alone.I never had a tame rabbit abondon her babies even when we handled them.You can bottle feed a bunny but what a job!Posy_Pet

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Really, I heard tame bunny's abondom there first litter. She is tame. How long after born can i pick one up without the risk of her abonding?

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I feel for ya girl having an abandoned set of rabbits, a neglected goat and a broody chicken with no eggs to sit on. How do you make it?

I hope all is looking up for you these days!

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I sure hope you don't get stuck taking care of a little of abandoned bunnies! They are so cute!

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