The Strawberry Chronicles (Pics)

tsj1102May 14, 2012

The Strawberry Chronicles

This is my second year with a small garden, last year was mostly tomatoes and bell peppers. This year I wanted to grow strawberries, I did a bunch of research including reading from this forum but apparently still am not doing something right ... but as soon as a berry gets ripe it is quickly tunnel through my nice ripe berry leaving me nothing but the leftovers. I hung the berries up in hopes of keeping slugs out so I am hoping you guys can help me identify and resolve what it is eating my out of the fruits of my labor. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Birds. Your #6 picture is dead-on for birds. You need to net the fruits so the birds can't peck through the netting to get at the fruit.

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Thanks ltilton... I knew they were coming but I guess I thought it would be more damage.

Thanks again
(Off to buy a net :)

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yea, i had 2 or 3 nice berries coming along and today they're gone lol i need some netting as well. Birdy got a nice breakfast i guess :)

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