Fighting ducks

cwakesMarch 28, 2010

It's more a case of one duck fighting another and the other duck trying to get away.

We have 7 ducks and one is a male Muscovy. Since spring weather hit, he's decided hes in charge. There are two other male ducks, one he doesn't bother, the other, a while Peking he's taken a big disliking to. He pulled out some of his feathers and caused quite a bit of bleeding. We ended up taking the Peking to the vet and he;s been on antibiotics for a week in our bathroom. He's nearly fully healed and we decided to let him back out today. We have a pond and they have a very secure house they live in and have lived peacefully all winter.

So.. today they rejoined. The Muscovy attached the Peking again, the Peking didn't fight back, just took off under water, as soon as he'd come back up he'd get attacked again. The Muscovy left a new cut on him again bleeding.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of behavior? Should we get some more female ducks to make the Muscovy relax or would that be futile?

Should we keep them separated? I'm not sure how to do that for the long term. Right now 4 of them are in the house and three including the Muscovy in question are outside. At night I guess one of the two is going to have to go into a giant pet carrier we have inside the house.

We;re kind of at a loss. Another solution would be to find a new home for the Muscovy, but I would not send him to a home I didn't know he'd have good living conditions or be used as food. These are rescued pets, not meant for that type of thing.

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.

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One of them has to go. Getting more females would only give the Muscovy more to fight for.

Finding a home for the pekin male would be easiest, because the Muscovy gets along with the others.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Did you see my post on violent duck mating? It's on page two right now. Anyway I had to get rid of three males because
they pecked my one females eyes so bad they got infected.I thought she would be blind but she has healed and has at least Partial sight. They can be quite tough!
And need we say how tough the broody girls get!?
My sons noticed how quiet it was on the pond. It is because I reduced the male population to only two.If they start up it will go to one!

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