Chicken eggs under broody goose?

lfrj(7)March 25, 2008

Could be our only hope. I have a mini-dome bator, and for the entertainment value it's brought our household, it was probably worth the $12, but we've had no success in hatching anything, but we're still "toying" with it.

We have no roo so finding fertile eggs has been solved through Craig's list. Last night we visited a gal who had the most stately Brahma Roo I'd ever seen, so the two fertile eggs she sold me hold even more hope.

(My memories of roosters reach back to my childhood, watching my older brothers imprisoned flock of mad, RIR's fighting and screeching, so overall roos have a hard time impressing me!)

Back home, we discovered one of our geese has gone broody. I could slip the chicken eggs under her if it would work.

Thoughts? .

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They may hatch OK, but as soon as they do you'd have to try to get them away from her because she's going to take them to the nearest water and disaster. Then again, chicken eggshells are much thinner than goose shells and she may crack them with her weight. Cheryl

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We had one of those "mini-dome" incubators given to us years ago. I tried it once and the problem with it was every time you open it to turn the eggs, there goes all of your humidity out into the open. Humidity is sooo critical for hatching eggs. I finally bought one of the styrofoam incubators from one of the hatcheries, cost about $100.00, and it works great. I did buy the egg rotator to go with it as well.

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