Purchasing chicks online?

tejas_ruthie(7)March 18, 2008


My husband would like to purchase two chicks online for eggs. He bought some from a feed store a year ago but they were pullets. At that time, he didn't know what he was looking for, but now he has a little better understanding. He built a small coop last year, just 2 roosts.

1) Does anyone have any suggestions for purchasing chicks online? (since we have not done this before)

2) Are there any websites you would suggest to use or suggest to avoid?

Thank you so much!

Ruthie in Fort Worth

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Some honest advice.. do some more research before you do anything! It appears you have little knowledge of fowl and a better understanding of it all would be helpful.

Learn poultry terms
study up on the breed
learn about feeds/feeding & general care
decide why you want poultry (eggs, meat, pets, show)
buy local if at all possible
stay away from the internet sellers of poultry until you have gained experience

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If you only want two chicks, you would need to buy them locally. Ask your feedstore if they know of chicks for sale locally.
Most online poultry suppliers sell a minimum of 25 chicks per order. One of the reasons for this is that the chicks help to keep each other warm. Shipping can be hard on chicks.
You can always post a wanted ad at your feedstore. Good Luck!

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Yes, please do research before you do anything. That's good advice.

There is a very nice place where you can order as few as three chicks. www.mypetchicken.com

I used them last year and they were great to deal with. I don't know of any other web order resource like it.

What happened to the pullets?

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ctufts(z4 Maine)

And if you want eggs,,,Pullets are what you want !! Pullets are hens,,and roosters are males. 2 Chicks won't give him many eggs. I would get atleast 6 chickens.
Just a suggestion.

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