overseeding pasture

niffer(z5 Ontario)March 25, 2008

I wondered how and when you do this? Last year I took my little spreader and overseeded just before one of the last snowfalls of spring. I really don't know how effective it was as its an older alfalpha field, and I think the alfalpha grows faster than most of the grass seeds. That being said, I wondered what everyone else does. I have no tractor, but a very nice neighbour has one and will do anything for some of my flowers and a beer or two! lol Thanks!

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

It depends upon what you're doing and what you expect to accomplish. Down here if we're wanting to seed clover in pastures we usually do this sometime in Feb. That's with a broadcast seeder or mixing seed in a load of fertilizer and truck spreading. You have to keep the grass grazed just enough to allow the new plants to get sunlight and not so much that the animals kill out your new stand with foot traffic.

Others will seed with no till drills. These actually put the seed in contact with the ground in rows. Again, you have to manage the existing stand of grass to give the new seeds a chance to establish.

We usually overseed our pastures, no till, in the fall with small grains like rye or wheat so we can have some late fall and early spring grazing. If things look short during the summer we may sow some sudan grass into existing pastures and cut it for hay.

Quite often seeding new alfalfa seed into an existing alfalfa stand is not very successful. I can't remember for sure but I think the existing alfalfa crowns have something that inhibit the new plant's growth.


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