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jmdj1994(z4 IA)March 8, 2009

Hi all

I am looking for some basic record keeping software for my little herd of goats (1 buck, 1 whether, 6 does, and 3 (1 week old) kids). I also have a small flock of chickens (28 hens) and will be getting a few more this spring. The problem is that I am a really big and really cheap nerd. We got a new computer for our family Christmas present (an iMac) and I want to get all my goat records on the computer. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend websites where I could download free templates for iWork or if anyone new of any freeware programs I could download. I mostly just want to keep track of breeding, vaccicnations, illnesses, hoof trimmings, etc. Eventually I want to also get my chicken records on there too. Thanks so much in advance! Marie

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I'm not aware of any that are shareware, particularly any that are multi-species, many you can download but your records & choices are limited.

I've heard good reviews about Goat Breeders Notebook, I think it's only $99.-they're out of Canada I think.

Others have said Animaltrac is okay & reasonable, too, not sure how much that one is.

we've been looking at Goat Breeders Assistant, it has many modules including genetics, however it's very expensive so we've been hesitant($199.00 for the version we want).

We had the same problem, we wanted one software for a variety of animals, havn't found it yet. Also each one has strong points, like milk production OR Fiber OR Meat, though some have all but strong points are definately evident.

Cornell Univ. has a free download, Called Q-Ewe or something like that, geared towards sheep but probably useable for goats. I downloaded it once but never actually used it. It's available through SRMarketing through Cornell.

So, for the time being, we're using MS Access. I found instructions from Allen Brown, MS Access professional found online, on how to create a pedigree in Access, 7 generation, and I use the tables to create forms & reports for each animal. I've worked into the program different animals, like dogs & goats, and I can easily add more. I keep track of pedigrees, health records, kiddings, vendors, & what I normally order from who. I havn't worked on the weights or milk yeilds, but they can be easily added when I find time (I do track them, but in a comments section not in a designated weight field). It's not the best, and certainly not professional work, but it meets our needs.

If you have MS Access I'd be happy to send you the database we use, or give you the link to Alan Brown's directions on creating a pedigree, then you could add tables for your uses.

An alternative for you might just be to create a spreadsheet in MS Excel, (or do you have MS Works?), simple easy data entry.

Good luck in your search, maybe you'll have better luck than I.


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download Open Office (free program just like and fully compatible with office) and make you an old fashioned spreadsheet. That's what most cheap people do.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Hey, it's hip to be cheap these days. The PC terms are 'frugal' and 'thrifty'. :) I'm horribly cheap, myself.

Wait, that didn't come out right--!

I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my chickens. :)

Velvet ~:>

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I also use an excel spread sheet to keep records for all my animals.

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Hey if I traveled 1.5 hours each way a couple of weeks ago to buy 3 -$3 mutt chickens then I am not frugal I am cheap! LOL

You can do a lot with spreadsheets. open office is free and JUST LIKE MS Office. If you do not have a full version of MS Office then open office is for you

Here is a link that might be useful: open office

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ahem. I guess I'm not hip, lol. Excell will work just fine. I didn't know about Open Office, good informaiton to know!

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The excel match in open office is called Calc

Also I made a mistake. I meant to say that I traveled 1.5 miles to buy 3-$2 mutt chickens. LOL

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jmdj1994(z4 IA)

Thanks so much for all the tips. I have used open office on our old computer and it was great! I have also used google docs but I liked open office better. My sister got me the iWork program for my computer (the office productivity pack from apple) and it is compatible with microsoft office as well. I will probably end up just doing a spreadsheet but it is going to take some serious thinking on my part.......oh no I can feel my brain turning to mush (smoke comes out of ears).....well maybe tomorrow night then! thanks again all and have a great week!


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