Pigs and Cows!

natalie312(9)March 6, 2009

Hey, i want to buy a cow or pig. Do you guy know any thing about those animals. Do you guys know how much they run for when they are young.

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What kind of cow or pig, and do you have the proper fencing or containment system for these animals that will get rather large, and can potentially do damage to you, kids, and even a dog?

We raised pigs when I was younger. If it wasn't for my childhood doberman I wouldn't be here today. They were penned and fed mostly scraps & grew quite large. I'd have them again now as an adult, except I don't need the extra chore of building a sturdy pen for them., I've enough on my plate as it is.

We also had a a few pastured beef cows & several milk cows. The beefers were pretty ornery, but we didn't treat them like we did the milk cows, as they were for the freezer.

Pricing varies greatly from region to region, and addiitonally from breed to breed. Do you have an agricultural newspaper that lists farm animals? Watch the ads for a bit to get an idea what they go for in your area.

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My parents and I have diceded to have a pig instead of a cow. We will build a cage suitable for them.
Thank you.

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Your welcome. What type of pig are you thinking of getting? Pigs are great for future garden spaces, they till the soil up better than any tiller I've seen!.

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Well I dont realy knnow much about pigs. I'm going to raise it thourgh the 4-h program.
Thank You,

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