Transplanting Cucumbers, Murder or Suicide?

jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)May 4, 2009

Well I don't know what I did wrong this year, but it seems as if they all had a compact together. I started Diva cucumbers to be grown in a high tunnel. I was very successful last year with them. I had everything perfect, soil temp correct range, hardened off good, transplanted on a cloudy day, watered slightly. I know it is hard to transplant them.

However I put out 30 plants one week ago and I am down to maybe 10-12. Last year I put out 20 and lost 2. One was killed by the foot of a two year old, the other dampened off.

They are just dampening off. The stems are all constricted and yellow. I just wish I new what I did wrong. Could this have started when they were inside and I just didn't notice it? The seedlings were about 2-3 weeks old. They had 2-3 true leaves.

Oh, well I will try again. Probably direct seed this time. I already lost some of the jump on the season I was hoping for.

Has this happened to you? Thanks.

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

2nd degree!

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anney(Georgia 8)

Germination from direct-seeding is so fast and easy, it makes sense to do it rather than starting cukes inside before the weather is ready. The same is true for squash and beans and many other plants.

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Yes this has happened to me so this year I've tried using Actinovate as a soil and plant drench when planting. I've been very pleased with the result and look forward to seeing if the same result continues thru the years. This product appears to really give the plants a foot up on transplanting and my Actinovate transplants consistently look better faster than other transplants at the community garden. It's sold as a selective fungicide that uses bacteria to control predatory fungus in the soil. I must say it's rather expensive with a short shelf life but if gets rid of transplanting worries then it's worth it.

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