Commercial Pigs - Male or Female??

astockwell92March 13, 2013

I am writing an essay about biotechnology for my Agriculture module at Uni.

I've found out that they can use sperm sexing to control what sex piglets are produced...but it didn't mention why this is good... I know that for rare breeds boars aren't very good for meat... but is it the same commercially? I can't find it anywhere!!

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It might be good if you want to breed replacement females to pair up with a good boar sire you paid top dollar for...

It would also might be good if your market calls for intact boars, maybe a higher weight gain by gender, or unmarked females..or males..various markets pay higher prices for specific traits at certain times of the year.

A good source for highest sales prices (and what the demand is) would be slaughterhouses. I know there are a few major ones in PA and NY. You might try interviewing a few local ones, and compare to a few further out that may have a different market.

That comparison alone would be good material for your research paper, but you could also contact a few breeders and tell them you are writing a paper, most would be happy to share their market demands, from there a theory could be developed.

I imagine the costs of sperm sexing would be cost prohibitive for many small breeders of market animals, assuming AI would be needed also and can be pricey.

Most meat market farmers operate on a very small profit margin, I imagine only show/breeder/genetic improvement for replacement farmers would consider such a thing.

I don't raise pigs just applying my experiences from other livestock to the pig market.

Good luck.

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Males are desirable on a hog feeding enterprise. They tend to be better gainers. Males are castrated at a young age before going on feed.

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