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sleddogger(2b nw on)March 19, 2008

So last year we raised four turkeys, and now everyone and they're friend wants us to raise one for them. I figure I can handle the work and the pay will help with books this fall, so why not? So we ordered fifty turkey chicks, with six going to friends, leaving forty-four for us to raise. Now I'm starting to realize that that's a lot of turkeys! My housing plan (so far) is to build a 16'x 8' shelter and divide it into four rooms (for lack of a better word), about four feet high. Each 'room' will open to a separate pen. I have decided on the size of the pens though. Having a hard time visualizing, but thinking 30'x 30' each with 8' fencing. I have some temporary fencing I could put out for them to get extra grazing during the day.

Any comments/suggestions?



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ctufts(z4 Maine)

Hi there,,I raised 20 Turkeys a couple years ago. I had a mobile turkey hoophouse. It was shaped like a greenhouse with dark blue tarping fastented over the top and open to the ground. We were able to move it daily so they could graze on fresh grass and bugs every day,,and keep the smell down. I will tell you that 50 turkeys in one spot for 3 months will STINK TERRIBLY. I would say a turkey tractor or something you can move would be great,,if you can do it with that many birds. Many years ago I had to take care of my aunts turkeys and horses for about 4 months, because she was overseas teaching school. I gagged every time I went near that turkey pen, it was almost impossible for me to clean it..it was the worst,,Entirely unbearable. Goodluck to you with your turkeys. Your friends will be happy once Thanksgiving comes around.

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If they can forage outside it'll be healthier for them. Hope your friends can butcher their own turkeys, that is a lot of work too!

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