Goats and pigs for clearing brush

BobYouBetMarch 4, 2013

Has anyone tried keeping goats and pigs together?
I am on 140 neglected acres, lots of berry vines and waist high manzanita bushes. My idea is to make a moveable pen so the goats can graze off an area and the pigs can root up the stalks and roots. But I don't know how the two animals will get along with each other.
I am also concerned about predators, but I think that putting them in a building at night will take care of that. Any advice is welcome.

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I live in a remote area where we have Black bears, coyotes and all. I left my hogs loose in a 4 acre pen with 4 foot fencing and had no problems ever. As for goats and pigs getting along...I don't think that is a good idea. If given the chance the pigs would eat goats.

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I would keep the pigs and the goats separate as well. You could get you a couple of portable pens and move them as needed. Though don't be surprised if the pigs escape from the pens and go wild.

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